[PHLEARN] How to Master Color & Tone in Photoshop PRO


[PHLEARN] How to Master Color & Tone in Photoshop PRO

The creative use – and sometimes absence – of color often defines the artwork that we create. In this tutorial, we cover over a dozen different methods to color correct and color tone photos while combining our contemporary tools with the principles of color theory established hundreds of years ago. Color correct images to help skin tones appear more natural. Enhance and stylize your photos to help them jump off the screen. No matter what kind of images you work with, we’ll help you master color and unleash the artist within.

Color Correction

The key to great coloring is starting an edit with natural, accurate colors and skin tones. In this tutorial, we share some helpful tips to keep in mind during the photoshoot and the post-production process to ensure that you start an edit off on the right foot. We also cover several examples where we recover skin tones affected by color casts or unusual lighting situations.

Color Toning
Coloring an image can be one of the most creatively satisfying steps to the editing process. Whether you’re making subtle adjustments, bold artistic changes, or you’re going for that vintage black and white look, we’ll show you how to get there.

Color Enhancement
Have you ever taken a landscape photo of an unforgettable sunset and the image doesn’t turn out quite like you remember? While they’re still sophisticated pieces of technology, cameras can’t always capture a scene quite like our eyes can. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to enhance the colors in a photo to bring those memories back to life.

Color Theory
The principles of color theory can be seen in practice in everything from fine art to advertising. Before jumping into Photoshop, we’ll break down why certain color combinations work so well together, providing you with a solid foundation to build off of before starting any project.

The Color Wheel
Understanding how colors interact and their relationships between one-another is vital for any visual artist. Throughout this tutorial, we’ll reference the RGB color wheel as we work to help identify when to utilize complementary, analogous, and triadic colors.

The Color Picker and Adobe Color Themes
Photoshop has several tools available for exploring color variations. The Color Picker gives you access to all 16 million colors at the tip of your finger, with options to optimize for print or web. If you ever need to find complementary or analogous colors, we show you how to take advantage of Adobe Color Themes which can instantly generate an entire palette from a single color.


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