[ACloud.guru] Automating AWS with Python


[ACloud.guru] Automating AWS with Python

This course is a project-based approach to learning to automate AWS with Python.


Hello Cloud Gurus,

In this course, you’ll learn techniques and strategies for automating AWS with Python:

  • Command line scripts
  • Lambda functions
  • Authentication and permissions
  • Creating and managing cloud resources
  • Reporting and metrics
  • Integrating with third party services
  • Image processing

We’ll do this through three real-world example projects:

  1. Publish a local website to the internet with a single command
  2. Notify your Slack team when the size of your EC2 instance fleet autoscales up and down
  3. Detect objects and people in a video, and save the results in a database.

This course is designed for beginner to intermediate students who want to get better at Python and improve their understanding of AWS. This course will help you understand how to automate AWS, use the boto3 library to manage AWS resources, coordinate processes and workflows, package and deploy code.

Created By Robin Norwood

Size: 1.93 GB

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