[TechWorld] GitLab CI/CD – From Zero To Hero By Nana


Complete GitLab CI/CD Course
with Docker | Kubernetes | Microservices

Learn how to build production-ready CI/CD pipelines in one comprehensive and practical course!

Become a GitLab CI/CD Pro –
Build real DevOps Pipelines

GitLab CI/CD is one of the most popular CI/CD platforms! More and more companies are adopting it. So, the need for Developers or DevOps engineers, who know how to build complete CI/CD pipelines on GitLab is increasing.

While many GitLab courses teach you only the basics, we will dive into more advanced demos, like implementing dynamic versioning, using cache to speed up the pipeline execution or deploying to a K8s cluster. So, you’ll have built several CI/CD pipelines with real life examples & best practices!

As usual you can expect complex topics explained in a simple way, animations to help you understand the concepts better and lots of hands-on demos!

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to…

• Confidently use GitLab CI/CD at your work
• Set up self-managed GitLab Runners
• Build and deploy containers with Docker Compose
• Build a Multi-Stage Pipeline
• Configure a CI/CD pipeline for a Monorepo Microservice
• Configure a CI/CD pipeline for a Polyrepo Microservice
• Deploy to a managed Kubernetes cluster
• Setup a CI/CD pipeline with best practices


What you’ll learn – GitLab Concepts

• Pipelines, Jobs, Stages
• GitLab Runners & Executors
• Regular & Secret Variables
• GitLab’s built-in Docker registry
• Workflow Rules
• Environments
• Everything about Caching
• Configure Job Artifacts (test report, passing files and env vars)
• GitLab’s Job Templates
• Reuse pipeline configuration by writing own job ci-templates library
• Conditionals
• needs, dependencies, extends, only etc.


What you’ll learn – Real Life Demos & CI/CD Concepts

• Pipeline: Test, Build, Push & Deploy Docker Containers
• Deploy with Docker Compose
• Configure dynamic versioning
• Configure caching to speed up job execution
• Configure security tests (SAST)
• Configure CI/CD pipelines for Monorepo & Polyrepo Microservices Application
• Promote to staging and production
• Configure local & remote GitLab Runners
• Deploy to a K8s cluster from CI/CD pipeline
• Learn Best Practices & industry insights!



• Basics of Containers – Docker (My Docker Course on Youtube is sufficient)
• Linux Basics (Working with the terminal)
• Basics of Git – like cloning a repository, commit, push, pull
• Only for the last chapter/demo project, where we deploy to K8s: Basics of Kubernetes (My K8s course on Youtube is sufficient)


Who this course is for

• Software Developers
• DevOps Engineers
• System Administrators
• Especially for people, who have basic IT knowledge? and
– want to learn how to set up real life pipelines
– want to learn how to build a CI/CD pipeline with GitLab platform


Your Instructor

Nana Janashia

Hi, my name is Nana. I’m a DevOps Engineer and Trainer.
I’ve taught millions of people how to become professional DevOps engineers through my DevOps bootcamp, Youtube channel and online courses.

Course Info

Author: Nana Janashia
Language: English
Released: 2022
Duration: 10h 12m

Size: 1.78 GB

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