[TeamTreeHouse] Spring with Hibernate


[TeamTreeHouse] Spring with Hibernate

230-minute Java Course

About this Course

Using Hibernate to manage relational data in a Spring web application is not only an extremely powerful and scalable approach, but also widely used. In this course, we’ll add a database to an animated GIF library, and discuss some more powerful features of Spring and Thymeleaf, such as HTML forms, file uploading, form validation, and flash messaging.

What you’ll learn

  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • ORM
  • Post-Redirect-Get

Integrating Hibernate with Spring
As a first step toward using Hibernate in a Spring application, we first discuss how to configure a Spring app to include Hibernate for data management. We’ll add the necessary dependencies and configuration code so that a Hibernate SessionFactory can be autowired into Spring components and used to fetch data from the database.

Created By Chris Ramacciotti
Duration 3.50h

Size: 610.88 MB

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