[TeamTreeHouse] Hibernate Basics


[TeamTreeHouse] Hibernate Basics

129-minute Java Course

About this Course

Most meaningful applications you will write will have a database associated with it. Knowing how to connect with and incorporate this data is critical to success as a Java developer. In this course, we’ll cover how to connect a Java application to a database using what’s called JDBC, or Java Database Connectivity. Then, we’ll use the convenient approach of including an ORM, or Object Relational Mapper. This will allow us to interact with our data using object-oriented techniques instead of exclusively relying on hard-coded SQL. The ORM we will use is called Hibernate, and is one of the most popular ORMs available.

What you’ll learn

  • Database
  • CRUD
  • JDBC
  • ORM
  • Hibernate

Created By Chris Ramacciotti
Duration 1.09h

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