[SkillShare] Mastering Flutter Web


[SkillShare] Mastering Flutter Web

About This Class

Hey there, welcome to the only flutter web class you will ever need to take, on this class you will be learning about flutter web from a real-world project, you will build a dashboard, the good things about dashboards or admin panels is that they are required in almost every singly project you will build in the future, so you can use this as a template for your future dashboards, on this class you will learn the following:

  • Responsive design
  • State management with GetX
  • Using custom themes on your flutter projects
  • Flutter large project structure
  • Custom navigation
  • Advances URL navigation and so much more

This class is for people with some experience with flutter, so if you never worked with flutter you will have to learn flutter basic concepts before taking this class.

You will find all assets and the final project in the link below

Hands-on Class Project

Your class project will be a flutter web Dashboard, you will need to update a screenshot of the project and a link to the GitHub repository so that me or the other students can review your project and provide feedback.


TIP:  Try to create branches on github for every lesson that you complete (this is not mandatory, but it would simplify the troubleshooting process if you ever face an issue)

Size: 2.41 GB

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