[Skillshare] Git class Zero to professional


[Skillshare] Git class Zero to professional

About This Class

In this class I will teach you essentials of Git. Git is an open source version control system used mainly for source code management. Git knowledge is important if you plan to apply for a software development job position. This class will teach you Git from scratch. No prior knowledge is required.

This class will explain important git concepts from the scratch. Through the class we will also cover more advanced topics of Git (e.g. handling conflicts, detached HEAD state, mechanism behind the scenes and many more). I would recommend this class for beginners and advanced programmers who are interested in mastering the git.

To help you better understand the practical application of git we will use Visual Studio Code with some popular git extensions. Visual Studio Code is an open source free to use code editor. It is one of the most worldwide used editors nowadays.

To be able to successfully complete this class no prior knowledge is required, however we recommend at least some basic knowledge of programming. Within the class we will cover these topics:

  • What is git and how it works
  • Git installation (Windows, Mac)
  • Vs code installation (Windows, Mac)
  • Git basic commands (add, commit, branch, checkout, reset and many more)
  • Git branching mechanism
  • Git merging
  • Handling conflicts
  • Working with remote repositories
  • Git fetch vs pull
  • Working with the GitHub application
  • Gitignore
  • Git tags
  • Readme.md

On this GitHub project you can find my VsCode config file plus a list of most useful git commands I will use during class.

Hardware requirements (no special computer is needed):

  • Desktop or laptop (Mac, Windows or Linux)
  • At least 4GB of RAM
  • At least one CPU core 1GHz+
  • No GPU needed

If you are looking to get more into coding, here is my Python from absolute beginners class.

Hands-on Class Project

This project should be a simulation of a real life software project with Git.

In this project your task is to create a git project on your own. In this project you can use the programming language of your choice. It does not matter what are you going to code. If you are not familiar with programming feel free to work with text files (.txt).

In the project please exercise all the knowledge covered in this class. You can even try to simulate the real lifecycle of a software project, starting from scratch. Make sure to document all the progress with commits and branches.

The outcome of your project should be a picture/s (e.g. screenshots) of your git graph from Visual Studio Code plugin. Feel free to publish your git repository to the public GitHub project and share it with me. Don’t forget that if you want to share your repository the project must be public.

Topics which you should cover in your project

  • Commit creation
  • Commit messages
  • Branch creation
  • Branch naming
  • Branch merging
  • Working with remote repositories
  • Syncing with remote repositories
  • Deleting obsolete branches
  • Tags
  • Gitignore
  • Readme

Size: 3.18 GB

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