[Skillshare] Angular 5 and Firebase: Building real world app features


[Skillshare] Angular 5 and Firebase: Building real world app features

Learn features that every app must have: authentication, blog, portfolio, real time chat with Angular 5 and Firebase.

Project Description

If you have ever built apps from scratch you know that the first lines are the worst. How about if you could just copy and paste cool features into your new projects and only have to worry about the branding?

In this course we will build a fully featured app that will serve as a starting point for all your projects.

I will teach you how to build a complete authentication system with email signups, password resets and OAuth integration, then we will set up the user interface so users will be able to update and manage their accounts. The course is mostly code along and won’t cover the basics of Angular/Firebase although if you have used theses tools before you will do just fine.

Next we will learn how to build a CRUD feature by building a simple blog, and a photo gallery.

We will also build a real time chat feature

All features will be decoupled from each another so you can use one or more in you projects. So lets get started…

Size: 2.21 GB

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    lessons 22~29 are missing

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