[School Of Motion] Rigging Academy


[School Of Motion] Rigging Academy

Rigging is the unsung hero of Character Animation

Character Animation takes a lot of know-how and practice no matter how you dp it. But if you’re working with 2D or 3D animation software, great character animation also takes something else: a well-built rig. A bad rig makes animation difficult, inefficient, and limits your range of movement. A good rig will give you a greater range of motion, but more importantly make the animation process easier and more intuitive allowing the animator to focus on the most important thing – the character’s performance.

Become a rigging MacGyver

Rigging Academy is designed to teach you how to rig just about ANYTHING. There are some core principals at the heart of Rigging that you’ll learn which can be applied to humans, animals, aliens, robots, cartoon characters… just about any type of creature you can think up. Once you know the basics, the trick is to know how to handle edge cases… and that’s where this course really shines.

It’s all here.

This course is, in true School of Motion fashion, packed to the GILLS with information. We’ve organized everything neatly into chapters, and you can go through the course at your own pace as you see fit.

There are over 15 hours of video lessons, dozens of pages of PDFs to reference, and more project files than you can shake a puppet pin at. We were very thorough in building Rigging Academy.

Created By Morgan Williams
Duration 15.00.00

Size: 2.92 GB

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