[PacktPub] The Art of Doing: Create 10 Python GUIs with Tkinter Today! [Video]


[PacktPub] The Art of Doing: Create 10 Python GUIs with Tkinter Today! [Video]

Have you learned the fundamentals of Python and then asked yourself “What next?”. If so, consider taking this course, which will help you create your own Python GUI applications.

The course starts with the installation process of Python on your machines and then takes you through the basics of GUI widgets. Once you are settled down, you will learn the concepts of Python by building interesting applications such as Metric Helper, Color Theme Maker, Morse Code Translator, Simon Memory Game, and a lot more. By building these applications, you will learn how to manage the application layout, understand the functionality of the call APIs, and will find out how to create stand-alone executable files that will run on any Windows machine.

By the end of this course, you will be well-versed with the fundamentals of GUI application development using Python’s Tkinter library.

The code bundle for this course is available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/The-Art-of-Doing-Create-10-Python-GUIs-with-Tkinter-Today


• Understand the fundamentals of the Tkinter library
• Learn how to design the layout and functionality of modern GUI applications
• Get ready to build eleven engaging and purposeful GUI applications


Michael Eramo is a life-long learner, a self-taught programmer, and an experienced educator. He holds official bachelor’s degrees in music, education, and physics as well as a master’s degree in mathematics. He also holds a certificate in software development from Microsoft. He has years of experience as a high school physics teacher, computer science teacher, and a college mathematics teacher. He is a part of the New York State Master-Teacher Program, a network of more than 800 outstanding public-school teachers throughout the state who share a passion for STEM learning and for collaborating with colleagues to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders.

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