[MasterClass] Marc Jacobs – Fashion Design


MasterClass - Marc Jacobs - Fashion Design

This is Marc Jacob’s MasterClass on Fashion Design.


  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started: Teach Yourself Design
  3. Finding Inspiration
  4. Sketching Your Ideas
  5. The Creative Process of Design
  6. Choosing Fabrics
  7. Creating Shapes and Silhouettes
  8. Patterns and Muslins
  9. Constructing Your Garment
  10. Case Study: Construction Techniques
  11. Developing a Collection
  12. From Idea to Runway: Fall 2017 Case Study
  13. Working With a Team and Collaboration
  14. Runway Shows
  15. Designing for a Fashion House: Louis Vuitton
  16. Surviving the Fashion Industry
  17. Marc’s Journey
  18. Pursue Your Love for Fashion
    Includes workbook

Size: 2.02 GB

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