[LevelUpTutorials] Level 2 React


[LevelUpTutorials] Level 2 React

On the Level 2 React Series we’ll be diving into some intermediate to advanced concepts in React like rendered props, portals, and the new context API. We’ll also deep-dive into interactions and animations using React Spring with which you can create some impressive performant animations you can interact with.

  1. A Basic Toggle Component
  2. Understanding Render Props
  3. Children Render Props
  4. Fragments In React
  5. Creating A Reuseable Portal
  6. Creating A Re-useable Modal
  7. Improving Our Modal
  8. Creating A Reusable Icon Component
  9. Index Files for Organiziaton
  10. Elements Module & Absolute Imports
  11. Building Design Utilities
  12. React Context API
  13. Updating Context
  14. Basic Transitions With React Spring
  15. React Spring Basics Part 2
  16. Animating Modal
  17. Native Mode For Performant Animations
  18. Animated Draggable Components
  19. Native Dragging Animation
  20. Interpolation Indepth
  21. Using Position To Interpolate Color
  22. Events With Gesture Based Interface

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