[Level Up Tutorials] The Sketch Guide


[Level Up Tutorials] The Sketch Guide

Learn the new industry standard for web design. Become an expert in Sketch, the app that is changing how designers work in the modern web and app design world.


  1. Intro
  2. Introduction & Installing Sketch
  3. The Sketch App Interface
  4. All About Artboards
  5. Shapes In Sketch App
  6. Shape Combination Tools
  7. Become a Pro to watch
  8. The Vector Tool
  9. Make Grid & Grouping
  10. Alignment & Distribution Tools
  11. Introduction To Symbols
  12. Web Design Template & Symbol Management
  13. Importing Assets And Web Design Basics
  14. Symbol Resizing, Manipulation & Cloning
  15. Text Styles
  16. Layouts & Grids
  17. Vertical Rhythm
  18. Installing A Plugin
  19. SketchPacks
  20. Craft For Sketch & Content Generation
  21. Sketch Mirror
  22. Exporting Assets
  23. Where To Go From Here

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