[INE] Advanced Network Automation With Python


What about this course?

This course covers advanced Python scripting required for Network automation and managing network devices. In this course, you will learn about taking backups of network devices using Netmiko, Built-in function, Built-in input function, SysArgv, Argparse, matching RAW data using Regex, Parsing Data using Regex, and TextFSM. Students who want to deepen their understanding of Network Automation using Python3 will benefit from this course!

About Instructor

Rohit Pardasani

Rohit has been in the networking industry for more than 20 years, with a focus on Cisco networking for the past 17 years. He not only brings his years of teaching experience to the classroom, but also years of real-world enterprise and service provider experience.

He has assisted hundreds of engineers in obtaining their CCIE certification, and has been conducting CCIE RS, CCIE SEC, CCIE SP and CCIE Collaboration for Cisco Systems worldwide. He currently holds 5xCCIE’s (Routing Switching, Service Provider, Security, Voice and Collaboration).

When not teaching or developing new products, Rohit consults with large ISPs and enterprise customers in India and the United Kingdom.

Course Info

Author: Rohit Pardasani
Language: English
Released: 2022
Duration: 6h 1m

Size: 3.98 GB

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