[Coursera] IBM Data Engineering Professional Certificate


[Coursera] – IBM Data Engineering Professional CertificateLaunch your new career in Data Engineering. Master SQL, RDBMS, ETL, Data Warehousing, NoSQL, Big Data and Spark with hands-on job-ready skills.

What you will learn

  • Create, design, and manage relational databases and apply database administration (DBA) concepts to RDBMSes such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and IBM Db2.

  • Develop and execute SQL queries using SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements, database functions, stored procedures, Nested Queries, and JOINs.

  • Demonstrate working knowledge of NoSQL & Big Data using MongoDB, Cassandra, Cloudant, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Spark SQL, Spark ML, Spark Streaming.

  • Implement ETL & Data Pipelines with Bash, Airflow & Kafka; architect, populate, deploy Data Warehouses; create BI reports & interactive dashboards.​

Skills you will gain

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