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SystemsExpert is an unparalleled course on large-scale distributed systems. Everything you need to ace the systems design interviews.

We firmly believe in the effectiveness of video as an educational medium. Our course’s 25 modules are delivered in high resolution with crystal-clear audio for a truly premium experience. Concepts are explained at length and, where applicable, are showcased in action through a real code example. Meanwhile, each of our 10 practice questions includes a thorough video mock interview, where we walk you through every step of the solution in detail. Preparing for systems design interviews has never been easier.

Courses & Content:

Systems Design Fundamentals
01. Introduction
02. What Are Design Fundamentals
03. Client-Server Model
04. Network Protocols
05. Storage
06. Latency And Throughput
07. Availability
08. Caching
09. Proxies
10. Load Balancers
11. Hashing
12. Relational Databases
13. Key-Value Stores
14. Specialized Storage Paradigms
15. Replication And Sharding
16. Leader Election
17. Peer-To-Peer Networks
18. Polling And Streaming
19. Configuration
20. Rate Limiting
21. Logging And Monitoring
22. Publish and Subscribe Patterns
23. MapReduce
24. Security And HTTPS
25. API Design

Systems Design Interview Questions
01. Design AlgoExpert
02. Design a Code-Deployment System
03. Design A Stockbroker
04. Design Facebook News Feed
05. Design Google Drive
06. Design The Reddit API
07. Design Netflix
08. Design the Uber API
09. Design Slack
10. Design Airbnb

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– Video: H264, 1920×1080 / 1280×720, 16:9, 30 fps, ~ 379-923 Kbps
– Audio: AAC, 2 ch, 253 Kbps

Size: 3.44 GB

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