[AdvancedReact] FullStack Advanced React & Graphql


[Wes Bos] FullStack Advanced React & Graphql

Build an online store with React and GraphQL

Just as React has transformed the way we build web applications, GraphQL is changing how we build APIs to query and mutate data.

With a focus on modern JavaScript and real world application , this course is a start-to-finish way to learn Full Stack Advanced React, GraphQL, Node.js and friends.

Join me as I show you how to build a full stack online store with some of today’s top JavaScript technology.


For Building The Interface along with:

  • Next.js for server side rendering, routing and tooling
  • Styled Components for styling
  • React-Apollo for interfacing with Apollo Client
  • Jest & Enzyme for Testing

Apollo Client

For Data Management

  • Performing GraphQL Mutations
  • Fetching GraphQL Queries
  • Caching GraphQL Data
  • Managing Local State
  • Error and Loading UI States
  • Apollo Client replaces the need for redux + data fetching/caching libraries

GraphQL Yoga

An Express GraphQL Server For:

  • Implementing Query and Mutation Resolvers
  • Custom Server Side Logic
  • Charging Credit Cards with Stripe
  • Sending Email
  • Performing JWT Authentication
  • Checking Permissions


A GraphQL Database Interface

  • Provides a set of GraphQL CRUD APIs for a MySQL, Postgres or MongoDB Database
  • Schema Definition
  • Data Relationships
  • Queried Directly from our Yoga Server
  • Self-hosted or as-a-service

What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is a type-safe query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data.

What?! It’s a replacement for (or addition to) your REST API and Ajax Calls.

GraphQL requires buy-in from both your client and your server — it then puts the power of requesting only what you want into the client and the business logic of finding and filtering that data into backend resolvers .

Specifically in this course it enables libraries that make caching, loading, error handling and pagination a breeze

Complex Relational Data queries and server-side mutations like signing up or checking-out are a snap with GraphQL.

GraphQL is just a standard and can be implemented in any language or framework.

Size: 5.32 GB

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