A Spymaster’s Secrets of Learning a Foreign Language


A Spymaster’s Secrets of Learning a Foreign Language

This work contains 3 CDs and Listening Guide PLUS Bonus CD! This is an essential guide for any language learning adventure! It features all the tips and techniques which Fuller discovered during his overseas career: organised, simplified, and presented here to facilitate your language acquisition. Whether learning in a class or on your own, “Secrets of Learning a Foreign Language” will be your guide to success, allowing you to discover the joy of communicating within a different culture. His humorous anecdotes and cultural insights will enrich your experience

Written by a former CIA agent, his method for learning a language focuses on things different then what your foreign languages teachers thought you such as actually thinking in the language and over-exaggerating the accent. You learn the language to actually fit in with the locals of a country rather then appear to be some visiting tourist.

Don’t embark on your adventure in language learning without first listening to this expert on the subject. The program will greatly enhance your learning experience making it more effective and truly enjoyable. Graham Fuller shares his proven methods of language learning garnered from years of experience living around the world while with the Foreign Service. His humorous anecdotes and cultural insights will motivate even the most reticent student. Foreign Service traveler and language teacher Graham Fuller demonstrates a proven method of study that will help students of any age learn a second language.

Created By Graham E. Fuller
Duration 3h 5m

Size: 255.42 MB

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