Become a Computer Vision Expert

Master the computer vision skills behind advances in robotics and automation. Write programs to analyze images, implement feature extraction, and recognize objects using deep learning models.

Why Take This Nanodegree Program?

From computer graphics to social robotics to autonomous vehicles, computer vision is powering world-changing new technologies. In this program, you’ll write code to perform everything from facial recognition to scene-understanding to object tracking; by the end of this program, you’ll have a broad portfolio of applications that you’ve built!

Learn the Most Cutting-Edge Techniques
Computer vision is a rapidly growing field that powers a variety of emerging technologies—from facial recognition to augmented reality to self-driving cars. Learn the latest deep learning architectures and image processing techniques today!

Built in Collaboration with Industry
We collaborated with industry leaders from NVIDIA to Affectiva to build a program that showcases how computer vision is being applied on the front-lines of technology today.

Code Your Own Computer Vision Apps
You’ll learn how to program computer vision techniques in Python, and then use that knowledge to create your own applications! You’ll complete three major computer vision projects, and build a strong portfolio in the process.

Personalized Project Reviews
Get personalized feedback on your computer vision projects from a team of technical reviewers. The invaluable reviews you receive mirror the experience of working on a team of engineers and mentors, and this feedback offers you unique and actionable insights as to how you should develop code!

What You Will Learn

SYLLABUS-Foundations of Computer Vision
Learn cutting-edge computer vision and deep learning techniques—from basic image processing, to building and customizing convolutional neural networks. Apply these concepts to vision tasks such as automatic image captioning and object tracking, and build a robust portfolio of computer vision projects.

Introduction to Computer Vision
Master computer vision and image processing essentials. Learn to extract important features from image data, and apply deep learning techniques to classification tasks.

Advanced Computer Vision and Deep Learning
Learn to apply deep learning architectures to computer vision tasks. Discover how to combine CNN and RNN networks to build an automatic image captioning application.

Object Tracking and Localization
Learn how to locate an object and track it over time. These techniques are used in a variety of moving systems, such as self-driving car navigation and drone flight.

Size: 2.65 GB

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