[TutsPlus] Functional Programming in JavaScript


[TutsPlus] Functional Programming in JavaScript

Learn the basics of functional programming in JavaScript. You’ll take a small, mostly imperative website and refactor it using practical declarative and functional concepts. You’ll learn about pure functions, side-effects and declarative style while building a small functional utility library. The project will demonstrate how Underscore or Lodash functions like filter, map, and reduce really work. Focused on practical understanding over philosophy, this is a great basic intro to functional programming that will prepare you for deeper exploration.

  • Learn JavaScript: The Complete Guide

We’ve built a complete guide to help you learn JavaScript, whether you’re just getting started as a web developer or you want to explore more advanced topics.

Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the core technologies of the web. The majority of websites use it, and all modern web browsers support it without the need for plugins. It’s got a huge community, and the ecosystem is evolving rapidly. If you want to be a web developer, learn JavaScript. And if you want to learn JavaScript, you’re in the right place!

We’ve built a comprehensive guide to help you learn JS development online, whether you’re just getting started as a web developer or you want to explore more advanced topics such as using the newest frameworks or even building your own! This Learning Guide will help you:

  • Learn the fundamentals of the JavaScript language.
  • Get started coding for the web with jQuery.
  • Build websites and apps using front-end frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue.
  • Learn Node.js, and write JavaScript for the server.
  • Develop cross-platform mobile apps with Ionic and React Native.
  • Go further with JavaScript and keep your skills sharp.

Created by Jason Rhodes
Last updated 5/2015

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