[TeamTreeHouse] Django Forms


[TeamTreeHouse] Django Forms

249-minute Python Course

About this Course

Django Forms let us quickly create HTML forms and validate information from users and APIs. Django gives us two types of Forms, basic Forms and Model Forms, which turn our Models into Forms. Our learning app needs quizzes, so let’s build them with Forms!

What you’ll learn

  • Forms
  • Model Forms
  • Data validation
  • Model inheritance

Basic Forms in Django are handy for data validation and non-model-based data entry. They automatically create their own HTML and do some serious validation.

More on Models
To create our quizzes, we’re going to need a few more models. And since a few of them share a lot of information and functionality, let’s look into inheritance with multiple tables and abstract models.

Model Forms
Quite often, we just want a form that represents a model in our app. Django gives us a great way to handle that scenario with Model Forms.

Inlines and Media
Now that we have basic and model forms down, let’s see how to use multiple forms, inline forms, and provide some special media to our forms.

Created By Kenneth Love
Duration 249m

Size: 462.17 MB

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