[Pluralsight] JavaScript Animation with GSAP


[Pluralsight] JavaScript Animation with GSAP

If you want to animate your JavaScript elements with ease, this course on GSAP is for you. You’ll learn how to create a variety of animations, including tweens, timeline animations, dragging, CSS attributes, and more.


Creating high-quality, animated JavaScript elements for gaming or other projects can be easy. In this course, JavaScript Animation with GSAP, you’ll learn how all the benefits of animating with the Greensock Animation Platform (GSAP). First, you’ll work on creating simple tweens, complex timeline animations, and apply dragging to any element. Next, you will discover how to animate CSS attributes. To wrap up the course, you will learn how to create an HTML game using GSAP to do all the animation. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to use GSAP in conjunction with JavaScript to create awesome animations for games or other future projects.

Created By Todd Shelton
Date: 07-04-2016
Updated Date: 07-04-2016
Level: Beginner

Size: 775.59 MB

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