Math, Better Explained | Kalid Azad | 1st Edition


Math, Better Explained | Kalid Azad | 1st Edition

Finally… Math Lessons That Teach Concepts, Not What To Memorize

This is the full program for Kalid Azad’s Math, Better Explained. This is exactly what you would get if you bought the program. I cannot recommend this enough for STEM majors.

The .pptx slides have been convered to .pdf in order to follow the website rules.

I also plan on uploading Calculus, Better Explained when I buy it next semester for my calculus class.

What’s included:

• 12- Chapter ebook in PDF, epub, and mobi
• Power points and images
• 12 video lessons to go along with each chapter
• Concept worksheet
• 1 hour Scott Young interview

“Math, Better Explained” is a clear, intuitive guide to math topics essential for high school, college and beyond. Whether you’re a student, parent, or teacher, this book is your key to unlocking the aha! moments that make math truly click – and make learning enjoyable.

The book intentionally avoids mindless definitions and focuses on building a deep, natural intuition so you can integrate the ideas into your everyday thinking. Its explanations on the natural logarithm, imaginary numbers, exponents and the Pythagorean Theorem are among the most-visited in the world.

The topics in Math, Better Explained include:

  1. Developing Math Intuition
  2. The Pythagorean Theorem
  3. Pythagorean Distance
  4. Radians and Degrees
  5. Imaginary Numbers
  6. Complex Arithmetic
  7. Exponential Functions & e
  8. The Natural Logarithm (ln)
  9. Interest Rates
  10. Understanding Exponents
  11. Euler’s Formula
  12. Introduction To Calculus

The book is written as the author wishes math was taught: with a friendly attitude, vivid illustrations and a focus on true understanding. Learn right, not rote!

Selected testimonials:

“I have several books on calculus (Calculus for Dummys, Math for the Millions, etc. etc. – never was able to read them) but your explanation is what I have needed all these years.” – D. Hogg, Former Principal

“This is a great explanation! I am 49 years old and have never known what e is all about. It is thanks to your article that I get it and now can explain it to my son who is 13 years old…” – C. Dhaveji

“I’ve been following you for nearly two years…I find the intuitive approach to the subject and lucid writing unparalleled.” – D. Ezell

About The Author

Kalid Azad graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Computer Science. He has been writing professionally for over a decade, from chapters in the best-selling “How to Program” textbooks (from Deitel, Inc.) to technical whitepapers for Microsoft, Corp.

Kalid has tutored math since high school (99% percentile for SAT/GRE/GMAT) and is enamored with finding the clearest, most intuitive insights on seemingly-complicated topics.

BetterExplained reaches 450k monthly visitors, is assigned as reading in dozens of university courses, and has been referenced in Science Magazine, along with the blogs for the New York Times, The Atlantic, O’Reilly Radar, Scientific American, and the National Academy of Sciences.

Author: Kalid Azad
Language: English
Content: Ebook + Videos

Size: 1.11 GB

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